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Hytale Buzz: The Best Hytale Server List

Best Hytale Servers

Here's a list of servers for Hytale, which people rated as their favorite community servers in 2021.

What Are Hytale Servers?

They are servers for Hytale, a Sandbox MMO roleplaying game, similar to Minecraft (by Mojang). They allow players to game with others online with either of Hytale’s two main game modes, Adventure mode or Minigames, akin to Minecraft Servers. Hytale’s players can roam free on a computer-generated world, full of rewards & surprises (like towers, dungeons, caverns, rivers & tunnels). They can craft and build, block-by-block, embarking on a journey of pure adventure and unlimited creativity.

Hypixel Studios, the game’s creators, provide scripting and asset manipulation toolsΒ in addition to multiple modding features. Those allow players, server operators, community creators, and custom content creators to adjust the gameplay any way they want, creating amazing, unique mini-games and in-game experiences.

Hytale Servers Vs Minecraft Servers

Minecraft’s servers may have more third-party plugins available, but Hytale’s include an integrated anti-cheat algorithm, client optimizations for Minigames, in addition to a myriad of features that give server owners the freedom to edit nearly anything. Some of these features include complete control over the game’s mechanics and camera settings, custom animations/textures/3D models, plus easy in-game scripting! The source code for both games’ server engine is written in Java.

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Joining A Server

Hytale’s client will feature an integrated server browser, where users will find official multiplayer realms directly. Via UPnP protocols or a NAT patchthrough, Riot Games ensures you’ll always be able to play with your friends without confusing setups. We speculate joining unofficial servers will be equally simple, with a procedure very similar to this:

  1. Find an independent server on a traditional server list (like this one),
  2. Start Hytale, click on the Multiplayer Server Tab and click Add Server,
  3. Fill in the necessary server information and press Ok,
  4. Click on the server and press Join Server.

Is There An Official Server?

According to what we know thus far, Hypixel Studios do plan to create official servers. There will, however, be unofficial community servers available as well, which players will be able to join.

Is Hytale Related To Hypixel?

Yes! Hypixel Inc. & Hypixel Studios are the creators behind both of them. Hypixel is a network of minigame servers where friends can form a team and enjoy a unique player experience. The network’s popularity inspired the creation of Hytale, this time with creators and minigames in mind.

Release Date

We expect Hytale Beta to launch in early 2022, along with all its server & developer's software.

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Will I Be Able To Create A Server Myself?

Yes! You will be able to host a server on a PC supporting Java, or via professional server hosts, once the game launches. Hypixel will provide us with an amazing platform designed with creators in mind.

Server Hosting

While we expect the server source code & server files to be pretty lightweight, we recommend looking for a server host with the following features, to ensure you’ll get the best performance and a reliable experience in gaming:

  • DDoS Protection Server Technology,
  • 24/7 Support Services,
  • Full FTP File Access,
  • Powerful Processors (Intel XEON, Gold, AMD Ryzen),
  • NVMe SSDs for storage.
  • A Provider With Multiple Locations Available.

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